Books We Buy


We give careful consideration to estates, collections and specialist libraries. Best prices paid for clean items in well preserved condition. Scholarly books in most fields; literature and criticism; philosophy; religions & theology; history and political science; social sciences; life sciences; natural history; physical sciences; mathematics; fine arts and art related fields. We also pay well for books of local interest and quality children's books, old and new. Cooking, gardening, traveling, craft and skills related books, illustrated books, and books on unusual subjects are also given serious consideration. We actively search for classic mystery novels, true crime, vintage paperbacks, pulps, and unusual advertising and ephemera. 8 and 16mm films; original photographs and slides; music on vinyl or CD. Literary fiction and science fiction.


What we do not buy: Poor condition books; hyper popular fiction; adventure, romance and military fiction of recent vintage. Dated reference books, common and dated titles in life and physical sciences. Malodorous books and books of which we have too many copies or that we don't think we can sell.


Sellers of single or small numbers of books may be offered trade value that can be used toward the purchase of books in our shop.


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