DogStar Books has a new home - a vastly larger space - in the building that served for many decades as the home of the venerable Lancaster haberdashery, Fillings. The rambling layout and existing cherry woodwork provide a perfect setting for a large book store and gallery. Our new space will allow us to greatly expand our available inventory of books, provide dedicated art exhibition space, and space for author events, children oriented readings and storytelling as well as space to sit and relax with some great coffee. We are very pleased with the progress we have made in transforming the wonderful attributes of the old Fillings shop into a new community resource.

new books

Notable new arrivals in the books at DogStar: prodigious variety of C.S. Lewis authored works in fiction, theology and history of literature. Numerous volumes of Lewis biographical and critical volumes. A large variety of Conan Doyle and Shakespeare related titles. Wide ranging selection of Frankentsein related material, including a rare dust jacketed 1st edition of the Bride of Frankenstein, Frankenstein comics, Shelley biographies and critical volumes. A healthy amount of Vonnegut. 17th and 18th century medical related volumes, including some of Materia Medica, Physiognomy, early surgery etc. Also an 1864 Lincoln Union Party re-election campaign silk ribbon.